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Retirees are often faced with extremely complex financial issues that have very profound and long-lasting effect on their lives and lifestyles.

"My goal is to provide my clients with the most comprehensive and client-centered financial advice available. As a Retirement Planner I recognize the immense responsibility of helping my clients achieve their retirement goals. I conduct my business according to the highest standards of honesty and fairness and demand the same of my associates and strategic partners."

David LeFever

President, LeFever Financial, Inc.

Here are some of the topics retirees should consider:

Asset Allocation For Lifetime Income- We can employ several investment strategies that help minimize risk while producing an income you can’t outlive. This may involve mutual funds, and annuities.

Taxation Of Social Security- Many seniors are paying unnecessary taxes on up to 85% their social security income. Our investment strategies may help you reduce or eliminate this tax.

Preservation Of Investment Principal- You have worked hard to accumulate assets. Allow us to show you ways to preserve them.

IRA And Retirement Planning- There are numerous choices when it comes to retirement income planning, some of which can have a profound impact on your lifestyle during retirement. We can help you to make the right choice.

Health And Finances/Long-Term Care (LTC)- The cost of long term elder care is rising every day, while our lifespans are increasing. A lengthy stay in an elder care facility can have a devastating impact on your estate. However, LTC is not appropriate for everyone. We can help you evaluate if you are a good candidate for LTC insurance.

Estate Planning And Wealth Transfer- We work closely with estate planning attorneys and CPA’s to ensure that your estate will be distributed to the heirs or charities of your choice in the most tax-advantageous way.