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Lazy Cash Solutions

Frustrated by the meager returns of LAZY CASH such as CD’s, money markets and bonds?

The most frequent question I get as a financial advisor is, “What should I do with my cash?” Clients may have sold property, gotten out of the stock market, received an inheritance or otherwise found themselves with too much cash on hand. LAZY CASH. They are frustrated by meager returns from CD’s, money markets and bonds, but they also want liquidity.

The LAZY CASH challenge is a difficult one, but Defined Outcome investments may be the solution.

Defined Outcome investments offer:

  • Liquidity- access to your money
  • Reduced risk- using defined downside buffers
  • Return potential- of market indexes, up to a cap
  • Low cost

I am extremely excited to share this strategy with you. Please view the short video below to see how you can have growth potential, defend against losses, AND still have access to your money with no penalties.

I’m sure you will have questions so please contact us at 336-682-9549 or to request a complimentary consultation.