What We Do

Wealth Management
Involves an examination of how effectively your current financial strategy creates, sustains and protects your wealth.  Our fully customized wealth management plan offers recommendations of how to maximize your strategy.  Below are a few crucial questions that may need to be addressed:

1. Is your overall investment strategy sound?
2. Are your investments in line with your tolerance for risk?
3. Will your retirement plan allow you to enjoy a worry-free retirement?
4. What will your net worth be upon retirement and at your estate date?
5. Will your estate transfer to your heirs according to your wishes and in the most tax-advantaged way?

Aspire 360- Comprehensive Financial Planning
Whether it’s preparing for the retirement you deserve, college funding, or estate planning, your Aspire 360 Financial Plan will serve as a roadmap to help you realize your most valued dreams.  It becomes a reflection of your life, how you have chosen to live it and the legacy you will leave behind.  Aspire 360 is not a single event, but a continuous planning process that is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in your life.

We begin the Aspire 360 by studying our clients’ financial concerns with the attention of a painter studying a subject. Only when we have a clear vision of our clients’ values and goals do we begin painting the financial picture.  

We are committed to an in-depth analysis of our clients’ hopes, dreams and visions…and how to best make them come true.  The result is a comprehensive, highly personalized financial plan.

Once we have agreed upon strategies, we assist our clients in putting those strategies into action, ensuring proper implementation of the plan. 

As your life changes, your plan must adapt.  Regular reviews ensure that strategies stay on track, bringing your Aspire 360 plan full-circle.

Your Aspire 360 Financial Plan may address the following issue:
1) College funding
2) Investment planning
3) Risk management
4) Wealth Protection
5) Retirement planning
6) Estate conservation
7) Charitable giving

Implementing Aspire 360 now can sustain and significantly enhance your life -- and your lifestyle -- during your Life After 60.

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