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Retirement Planning HandbookYour Retirement Planning Handbook
If you or someone you know is retired or considering it, this 30-page booklet will answer many of the questions related to retirement planning.


Topics Include:
Taxation of Social Security
Asset allocation during retirement
and much more...

Understanding Social Security Retirement Benefits
This eight-page booklet from BlackRock is the best we've seen at explaining the complex world of Social Security. 

Topics Include:
How benefits are calculated
Your full retirement age
Working while collecting benefits
Taxation of benefits
Spousal and widow's benefits

The Value of a Financial Professional
Today’s financial markets are more complex than ever before.  This booklet will help you understand how a trusted advisor can help you:

Create a comprehensive financial strategy
Set long term goals and meet them
Design an investment strategy
Understand the risks and opportunities in the market


The F.I.L.E. Form
This may be one of the most important documents we have ever offered.  It is simply a place to record where all of your financial "stuff" is.  Imagine the confusion and bewilderment that your family would have to endure if you were to pass away without it. 
It will help you record information about:
F- Financial records
I-  Investment and Insurance
L- Legal documents and
E- Estate management
Converting Taxable Income to Tax-Free Income
Did you know that your IRA may be a ticking tax time-bomb?  This booklet discusses a strategy that helps avoid the potential tax errosion of leaving a traditional IRA to your heirs.
Topics include:
The tax burden of inherited IRA's
Disadvantages of an IRA
Advantages of a Roth IRA
Converting to a Roth IRA

Qualified Retirement Plan "401(k)" Distribution Handbook
When changing employers or retiring, there are many important options regarding your retirement savings.  Choose wrong and it could cost you dearly.  

This booklet discusses those options and includes:
Leaving money in the plan
Taking money out of the plan
Rolling money over to and IRA
Substantially equal period payments 

16 Rules For Investment Success
This 18 page booklet by Franklin Templeton first appeared as an article by Sir John Templeton in the The Christian Science Monthly Monitor in 1993.  While the market and economic data are from then, the author's core investment principles are still relevant.
Netcetera- Chatting With Your Kids About Being Online
Sexting, texting, phishing, Trojans, malware, spyware, hackers...  You may not know what all these terms mean, but I bet your kids do.  This 55 page booklet, published by the Federal Trade Commission, will help you understand the risks of being online and how to protect your children, yourself and your computers.